Why can’t all reality TV be like Bake Off?

Why can’t all reality TV be like Bake Off?

Why can’t all reality TV be like Bake Off?

In a bid to beef up the blog, I started to think of topics I could write about and of course the final of The Great British Bake Off was ‘pinned’ right at the top of my imaginary ’emergency conversation topic starter list.’

I’ll try to keep this short and concise – Reality TV throws up characters that we love to hate and hate to love as well as providing us with plenty of strong opinions we just have to share with friends, family and (annoyingly) on social media.
The other leading characteristic that the ‘talent show format’ sub-genre of reality tv shares is a group of judges so slimy and vomit-inducing in their desire to be loved by the camera that they likely fill the majority of audiences slots in their ‘I’m not a violent person but I would happily punch’ top 5 list.

However, welcome to the floor The Great British Bake Off, with normal contestants not out for their 5 minutes of fame, but more so to have two respected judges probe and dissect their baked goods and be judged by our less-talented baking eyes.

In Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry we have 2 absolute champions of baking, both accomplished in their fields of expertise and both direct and honest in providing constructive criticism. They enjoy a light joke as much as they enjoy a well risen loaf. They are the perfect pairing and I’m yet to find one individual who watches Bake Off who thinks that either judge is rubbish.

Compare that with X-Factor, made up of Captain Arsehole and his crew, who turn the programme from X-Factor into ‘Captain Arsehole and Friends’.
Strictly Come Dancing is more like Sickly Come Dancing.
Tumble was so painfully awkward I don’t know how to even write about it but let’s just say it wasn’t the strongest.
Britain’s Got Talent managed to assemble my own personal nightmare ‘if you could pick 3 people, past or present to have dinner with’ scenario, which incidentally would play out something like this…

“Pass me the salt please, Joe” Asked ‘funny man’ judge David Walliams.
“Sure thing.” Replied Joe.
“That’s not the salt…” A puzzled David said.
“Joe where did you get that bleach and letter opener?” Asked ‘singer/actress/whatever she is’ Amanda Holden.

Anyways, I’ve digressed to the point of no return. Bake Off rules supreme. I thought the return of The Apprentice might actually prove that there is another enjoyable, non-frustrating reality show back on air, but sadly so far I’ve not been convinced.

What do you like? Do you share an opinion with me? Have I missed out a previous good panel? Fame Academy? NO!


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