Visit Abergavenny

Elin Rees PR pitched for and were subsequently awarded a contract from the Abergavenny Rural Tourism Alliance to deliver a concise PR strategy around Abergavenny tourism and in particular to build a stronger web presence and source targeted offers to promote alongside the tourism offer.

This contract involves Elin Rees PR engaging the public on behalf of Abergavenny to raise awareness of what the town has to offer. This is through the creation of new outreach activity in the shape of online PR, traditional PR, email marketing and the building of a new ‘Abergavenny Deals’ page, all of which are helping to drive online traffic and promote Abergavenny’s offering.
For example, whereas previously each business may have their own offers within their own sites, the new deals page hosts all the various deals and offers from businesses and attractions in the area, as well as allowing visitors to purchase a monthly special deal through the website.

Elin Rees PR are also responsible for maintaining the social media accounts, engaging with the public and existing Abergavenny accounts to create a more engaged and welcoming presence than what has previously been in place.

Elin Rees PR also made the decision to create a video using aerial footage from a drone, to be released later this year, which will be a great digital marketing too, with the video being made in accordance with what we believe to be the most effective methods to make the video highly viewable and to maximise the share-ability.

Regular meetings are held every 2 months, with additional meetings set-up if necessary as a result of a specific event. Regular weekly email communication is also maintained.