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Elin Rees PR launches ‘MyAbergavenny’

Elin Rees PR launches ‘MyAbergavenny’

Elin Rees PR recently added a new string to our bow in the world of digital marketing strategy by launching ‘MyAbergavenny’, a localised deals & offers site, in the mould of Groupon, for local businesses and visitors of the small welsh town Abergavenny.

We were initially asked to look at creating a series of short videos which would detail a local business and a promotional offer they would run.
We set about thinking of how we could still create the same end result of promoting special deals to the public, but in a more effective and engaging way.

Whilst working on the logistics of how to run this campaign, during the research of local businesses and activity providers, it became apparent that many already ran their own ‘deals’ of sorts, from incentivising additional free nights at b&bs to special meal deals in restaurants.

The decision was then made to create a website which actually brought these varied offers together in one place, saving the casual web user the effort of going through each individual business in and around Abergavenny, instead being able to browse through offers they may be interested in and never even knew existed all in one place.

Keen to stick with the ‘one exclusive offer’ concept, we then looked at integrating a simple e-commerce element to the website, enabling visitors to purchase one exclusive offer unique to the MyAbergavenny website.

As the objective of the site is partly to help local businesses, it made sense to offer the service free of commission charge, meaning that the option to list or feature a particular product or deal would be risk-free, unlike the model exhibited by larger ‘deal’ websites such as Groupon and Wowcher.

The website was recently launched, complete with over 20 local offers listed and of course the one unique purchasable offer.

The project itself has been quite different to anything we’ve worked on before and of course as a result there have been challenges we’ve come up against, but it’s also been an exciting time to launch what we believe is a website which could be a real success and not only embraced by the whole community, but also become the go-to place for anyone planning a visit to Abergavenny.

Why not have a peek yourself and be sure to let us know what you think, perhaps you’ll even find an offer that takes your fancy just in time for Xmas!


Made by Hand and the power of bloggers

Made by Hand and the power of bloggers

As part of our PR campaign for the Made by Hand Contemporary Craft Fair (as it came to Cardiff for the first time in Oct/Nov) Elin had the idea of contacting local bloggers and inviting them to the event, with a view to them hopefully writing about it and in turn adding to the online presence of Made by Hand.

It was an interesting prospect with Made by Hand being a craft fair, which initially seemed pretty specific in terms of finding locals online writing about it. So we researched online, read lots of blog entries, seeing if we thought Made by Hand might be of interest to the writer. Elin also put out a tweet seeing if anyone was interested and got a really good response. We ended up inviting a variety of bloggers – foodies, thrifters, creatives – and what followed was great!

We had fantastic results, with many of the bloggers we contacted coming along and really embracing the event. As noted above, finding bloggers who would post about crafts seemed like a challenge but it really worked out well. For instance we invited Jaye, a blogger with a site dedicated to all things tea related, who attended and totally loved the event – posting the huge array of tea ceramics she had found there. Jaye’s Made by Hand post actually turned out to be her most popular blog post ever! There was a steady stream of tweets, Instagram photos and some wonderfully detailed blog entries before, during and after the event.  A great aspect of this method was the immediacy and how bloggers were posting their write-ups or tweets as the event was still going on – giving a chance for their readers to come along too.

We found inviting the bloggers was an effective way to organically form conversations and dialogue around the event, of course with this technique there is an element of risk…for instance a blogger could go along, hate the event and completely trash it online – fortunately we did our research well and they liked it!

Getting to grips with music PR…

Getting to grips with music PR…

Our pals at the Denim Snakes were set to launch a single and their debut album – my first ever music project here at Elin Rees PR was telling people all about it. It’s something I’ve really loved working on. I think a reason that I’ve enjoyed it so much is because I’m working with promoting something people have sweated over, given everything they had to and really give a damn about. So when you get the results it’s a great feeling and you realise you totally give a damn too.

Denim Snakes hail from Barry – the ghost-town pleasure park is pictured in their album sleeve in its sepia glory days. The music is punk with pop hooks – it’s catchy, energetic and full of spirit. I mean, they have song titles like Making Money”, “Happiness” and “Sex” – its fun to work on.

The process of spreading the word about them though, it’s tough to get someone to even open your email; I guess that’s the nature of the industry. Much of the work involved sending an awful of lot of emails, re-sending them and following them up again but then you’ll get something back and it’s cool as hell. Like that writer you contacted gives them a great review  or a journalist is really keen to interview the lead singer and then the band get booked in for a session on Radio Cardiff. It is hard work but worth it.

So yeah, it’s a lot of work, work that by no means guarantees results but I’ve really enjoyed it. And the work never stops, so on that note, go listen to the Denim Snakes – I heard they’re pretty good.