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Blogs of Cardiff

Blogs of Cardiff

Cardiff is a pulsing, colourful city and the Facebook page Humans of Cardiff perfectly documents that. The page quite simply has a photographer take a photo of a person walking around Cardiff and accompanies it with a sentence or two about their lives.  The results can be moving, sweet and often hilarious. Humans of Cardiff showcases the wonderful characters that make up the city – from the eccentrics you cannot miss, to people you may just stroll on past – the page gives a glimpse into their lives and their personal story.

Coming across the page got us thinking here about our other favourite blogs and websites that come from this great city…

I Loves the ‘Diff  is the original and much-loved Cardiff website. Seriously, they’ve been going strong a long time. We love I Loves the ‘Diff and their uniquely Cardiff merchandise and their excellent blog. They post vibrant photography from around the city, pieces of local history and just capture and celebrate  what makes Cardiff, well…so wonderfully ‘Cardiff’.

Cardiff is something of a food heaven, new restaurants pop-up (ha…) all the time, so we follow The Plate Licked Clean and Gourmet Gorro to keep up. Both blogs are packed with reviews of new Cardiff food spots and also pictures that make us drool onto our laptops.

You can totally hear music in the air walking through Cardiff City centre…which is because of the large amount of buskers, who we thank for soundtracking the city ♡ Cardiff has a bustling music scene and especially working with music acts, it is important for us to keep track of it. So we check the Cardiff-based StereoboardNew Sound Wales and Buzz.

Plastik Magazine is a great Cardiff culture blog, which seeks to soak up all that is creative in the city and let you know about it. It’s one of the best stops around for a Cardiff arts fix. As they put it themselves, “The city is upcoming and producing a vast amount of incredible creative talent. Plastik Magazine exists to document the flux of the city.”

Wholly Foods is a terrific healthy-eating  blog, which Holly of Wholly Foods says, “was born out of a desire to share all the amazingly healthy food I have started preparing on a daily basis” after she was diagnosed with an auto immune disease in 2013 and decided to make major lifestyle changes. The page is bursting full of gorgeous recipes and Holly has even started up her own Vegan supper club. It is so hard to eat healthily nowadays and we salute anyone who can make it looks so easy and delicious.

Creative Hacks is another great blog pick for creativity in this city, as it “celebrates fun, imagination and adventure in modern life.” Run by Cardiff graduates Amy and Matt, the pair put up an excellent variation of posts, ranging from recipes for some pretty incredible looking meals, to collections of Cardiff street art and then this beautiful latest post: “Five ingenious uses for empty toilet paper rolls”.

Taylor Swift’s 1989 is REALLY, REALLY GOOD

Taylor Swift’s 1989 is REALLY, REALLY GOOD

Taylor Swift’s 1989 is proof that people will buy an album in their masses if it’s amazing. Which it is. Like, really, really good. It sold 1.287 million copies in its first week…that works out at selling more than two albums a second. And people don’t really buy albums anymore. 1989 is a freak. Though this isn’t some weird event in terms of the career of Taylor Swift though – it’s pretty much her career’s natural trajectory. As Rolling Stone magazine wrote in their review of 1989, “Swift has already written enough great songs for two or three careers.” She’s 24!

When the album was announced I was a bit unsure, hearing it was going to be a shift in sound for her. And yeah, 1989 is not a country or even country-pop album; it’s an incredible pop album…

The opening of track one, Welcome to New York kicks in and it could be the soundtrack to a John Hughes ‘Brat Pack’ movie (especially with that album title) and it’s so good I don’t know what to do myself. Even though the album has the unmistakable 80s influence with Taylor getting sweet on synths, it sounds majorly fresh.

And it’s so completely Taylor Swift, especially with that killer songwriting – her country background is an indicator that this woman knows how to tell a story. It’s ridiculously catchy, fun as hell and makes me want to jump around on my bed. Every time I listen to it I have a new favourite song.

I’ve been a fan for a long time. During teenage years of a 90s baby, the internet is an extension of one’s self and makes a girl out of Pennsylvania playing country music seem not very far away at all. I thought she was really cool. She was a young woman standing there, playing guitar and singing excellent songs she had written. I was for real obsessed with her second album, Fearless (2008). Her next albums Speak Now (2010) and Red (2012) both sold over a million copies in their first week. She has just got bigger and bigger.

I also think a crucial element in why she sells so much is that people like her. She seems sweet as hell, is goofy and expertly makes fun of the media’s stupid perception of her (see her newly released music video for Blank Space below). And she firmly refers to herself as a feminist. I think she’s pretty badass.

And really, the last time I loved an album – not a few tracks, but an album, like when you’re excited because you know what song is next and you want to effectively…swallow the entire thing whole – was Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange back in 2012. I like 1989 more though 🙂

Elin and Joe very much still buy albums. Elin remarked how tons of people have said they can’t believe she has CDs in her car and there are albums piled on Joe’s desk in the office. I think it’s fair to say to say Elin Rees, Joe Bonney and of course, Taylor Swift are solely keeping ‘the album’ alive.


Elin Rees – New site, New Faces, New Clients

Elin Rees – New site, New Faces, New Clients

Welcome to our new website!

Well, I’ve finally managed to launch my new website and, I must say, it’s a huge relief.
My last website was written and launched back in 2012 when I originally set up but so much has changed since then. Here’s how:

One Becomes Three – The biggest change is that Elin Rees PR is no longer just me! Earlier this year Joe Bonney and Sarah McCreadie joined meaning that playing along with Ken Bruce’s Pop Quiz on Radio 2 every day is much more fun.

Not Just PR – Ok the name suggests otherwise but, taking on two such talented people means that we are meaning not only that can we take on more work but can also expand our offering. You can see our full range of our services back on our site!

Great Clients – This year alone Elin Rees PR has worked on some great projects for clients, from arranging ITV Wales’ events and social media at the Royal Welsh Show to creating a successful PR and social media campaign for the film Jack to a King. We also were thrilled to win work promoting the town of Abergavenny – the first project we’ve worked on as a team – and we’ll be unveiling further details of the work we’ve been doing for them soon.

New Office – We now have our own office half way up Cathedral Road. But we still share a floor with the talented ladies behind Bloody Marvellous, so we still get to see the occasional ‘zombie’ walking through the building.

GECDSB Elementary Schools Closed Jan. 29 For Another One

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Made by Hand and the power of bloggers

Made by Hand and the power of bloggers

As part of our PR campaign for the Made by Hand Contemporary Craft Fair (as it came to Cardiff for the first time in Oct/Nov) Elin had the idea of contacting local bloggers and inviting them to the event, with a view to them hopefully writing about it and in turn adding to the online presence of Made by Hand.

It was an interesting prospect with Made by Hand being a craft fair, which initially seemed pretty specific in terms of finding locals online writing about it. So we researched online, read lots of blog entries, seeing if we thought Made by Hand might be of interest to the writer. Elin also put out a tweet seeing if anyone was interested and got a really good response. We ended up inviting a variety of bloggers – foodies, thrifters, creatives – and what followed was great!

We had fantastic results, with many of the bloggers we contacted coming along and really embracing the event. As noted above, finding bloggers who would post about crafts seemed like a challenge but it really worked out well. For instance we invited Jaye, a blogger with a site dedicated to all things tea related, who attended and totally loved the event – posting the huge array of tea ceramics she had found there. Jaye’s Made by Hand post actually turned out to be her most popular blog post ever! There was a steady stream of tweets, Instagram photos and some wonderfully detailed blog entries before, during and after the event.  A great aspect of this method was the immediacy and how bloggers were posting their write-ups or tweets as the event was still going on – giving a chance for their readers to come along too.

We found inviting the bloggers was an effective way to organically form conversations and dialogue around the event, of course with this technique there is an element of risk…for instance a blogger could go along, hate the event and completely trash it online – fortunately we did our research well and they liked it!

Cardiff Life Awards – why I’m thrilled LED high

Cardiff Life Awards – why I’m thrilled LED high

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